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2012 Airstream Flying Cloud 25RB

A 600Ah Victron lithium battery was installed under the bed with a Multiplus 2000 inverter charger. The customer would be using a generator to run the air conditioner when needed but still wanted to be able to use AC powered devices including the microwave when needed so a smaller MultiPlus 2000 was a great fit.

The installation location under the bed was carefully laid out to ensure a minimal amount of space was used up. The batteries were installed in the space accessible from the exterior and the MultiPlus and other items installed in the area accessible from inside by raising the bed. The MultiPlus ventilation outlets were ducted to the exterior of the under bed storage compartment to ensure equipment and batteries remain cool even during extended battery charging or use of the inverter. Fuse, breakers and switches are accessible by lifting up the bed.

The solar system comprised 6 x 100W panels mounted using rocker feet so that the panels can be removed if needed for roof maintenance. A combiner junction box is provided and all panels are wired in parallel to ensure best performance in shady conditions.

Monitoring for this system is via Bluetooth using ViictronConnect. The BMV-712 battery monitor and solar charge controller can be monitored using VictronConnect, the MultiPlus is controlled via a Digital Multi Control (DMC) panel which was mounted on a custom panel inside a closet close to the inverter. The DMC turns the MultiPlus on/off and allows the shore power current limit to be set when using a smaller generator or limited shore power connection.

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