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2017 Winnebago Spirit 27Q

A 300Ah Battle Born lithium battery and Victron MultiPlus inverter charger provided the basis for a fully functional RV power system with 30A shore power and onboard generator.

The customer wanted the ability to camp without shore power or the need to run the generator for a few days including use of a small microwave. The stock lead acid batteries were removed and replaced with lithium batteries with a MultiPlus 3000VA inverter charger was integrated into the existing AC and DC systems. The MultiPlus 3000 is an ideal choice for this application with a continuous rating of 2400W at 77F it is capable of running even large AC powered devices and includes a 120A battery charger to charge the batteries off shore power or the generator.

Control and monitoring for the MultPlus is via a VE.Bus Smart Dongle. A BMV712 Smart battery monitor was also installed to provide comprehensive battery monitoring.

Charging of the house batteries is also possible when the engine is running using a DC to DC battery charger by Sterling that provides about 50A of battery charge when the engine is running. The customer is considering the addition of solar later.

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