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2020 Northwood Arctic Fox 29 5K

A 600Ah Battle Born lithium battery was installed in a custom rack that limits the amount of floor space used. There is space for 2 more batteries if needed. The Multiplus was installed close to the access door for easy access and the solar charge controller on the other side of the battery cabinet for a compact but highly capable installation.

The 7 x 160W solar panels were roof mounted to maximize solar capacity. A combiner junction box was fitted on the roof and all 4 panels were wired in parallel for best performance in shade. Large 2AWG wire was used to transition from the combiner box to the solar charge controller installed local to the batteries.

The MultiPlus 3000 fitted is capable of running an air conditioner and with the battery bank fitted and with solar gain is able to do so for 4-5 hours continuously or longer periods when used intermittently. A soft start was fitted to the main air conditioner for easy starting. A Smart Phase Selector (SPS) was also installed to enable both sides fo the 50A load center to be powered when running on the inverter.

Control and monitoring for the MultiPlus is via a VE.Bus Smart Dongle. A BMV712 Smart battery monitor was also installed to provide comprehensive battery monitoring. The SmartSolar charge controller is also Bluetooth enabled so that daily performance can be monitored.

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