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2020 ProMaster Van

A 200Ah Battle Born lithium battery was installed inside the existing cabinet together with a Multiplus 2000 inverter charger. The equipment was integrated into the cabinet by carefully laying out the full installation on a 3D CAD system before starting work. An AC/DC load center was installed so that a full AC / DC electrical system could be provided. The required breakers and isolation switches were incorporated into a custom end panel with the load center and care taken to match the wood type and finish for a properly integrated look. The MultiPlus 2000 is mounted on a shelf above the batteries and can be removed relatively easily to access the batteries if needed. AC and DC outlets were provided to enable various devices to be powered.

The solar system comprised 3 x 200W panels mounted to a custom fabricated roof rack made from 8020 extruded aluminum tubing. A cellular booster antenna was fitted on the roof rack and wiring routed into the van via the solar combiner box.

Alternator charging was provided via a Cyrix-Li-Ct combiner installed in the drivers side step.

Monitoring for this system is via a Cerbo GX and GX Touch screen which can be connected to the internet for monitoring remotely. The GX Touch provides comprehensive monitoring of the system in an easy to understand graphical interface.

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