Control Panels and Monitoring Solutions

Various control panel options are available for Victron equipment. Some applications are: -

Overall system monitoring - Cerbo GX/GX Touch screen

MultiPlus / Quattro control - Cerbo GX/GX Touch, Digital Multi Control, VE.Bus Smart Dongle - only one option is needed in most applications, select to suit budget and preferences. Note - in some applications with a Victron SmartLithium batteries, a Digital Multi Control may be required in addition to the Cerbo GX - contact Boundless for details.

Battery monitors - BMV-712, SmartShunt - Also see DC Distribution products for 2 more Lynx shunts - choose either, BMV-0712 has a screen the SmartShunt does not.

VE.Direct Smart Dongle - this is normally not required if the device allready has Bluetooth but can be added to a device with VE.Direct

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