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Provide details about existing battery bank including type (e.g. AGM, Lithium), group size (e.g. for lead acid, group 27), Ahr capacity and age / condition or just state "New" if you are asking for new batteries below.

Lead acid batteries are lower cost than lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are best for demanding installations with repeated heavy discharges, infrequent full charges and where space and weight are critical. Lithium batteries will last significantly longer than lead acid batteries in a typical installation.

Provide any additional details about the new batteries if required.

AC Power

A 30A AC input is common on many smaller travel trailers and RV's. A 50A AC input connection is often provided for larger RV's and particularly for RV's with 2 or more air conditioners.

Inverter and Charger

A standalone inverter will add the ability to run AC devices off the battery.
A Shore Power Converter Charger will charge the battery when shore power is available.
Victron MultiPlus inverter charger combines an inverter and charger in one unit and is an excellent overall choice.

The MultiPlus 2000VA is a good general purpose inverter charger suitable for powering smaller AC loads from the battery such as a coffee pot and small microwaves up to a combined load of 1600W.
The MultiPlus 3000VA will power AC devices from the battery up to a combined 2400W and is suitable for all loads including an air conditioner and is a good choice where a large battery system is installed (>400Ahr).

If a Victron multiPlus is selected, a controller is required. A VE.Bus Smart Dongle is the base controller. It is Bluetooth enabled which allows basic settings on the MultiPlus to be adjusted via a smart phone, tablet or laptop. A Color Control GX is a great upgrade for those that prefer a screen to view and adjust settings of the MultiPlus and other connected Victron products such as a battery monitor or solar charge controller. A Color Control is particularly useful if the RV will have an internet connection. See more details of the Color Control and Victron's VRM here.

Add any additional notes relative to standalone inverters, shore power converter chargers or combined inverter chargers here.

Solar System

The number of solar panels that can be installed on the roof of an RV is limited by length. The Electrical load Calculator provides some general guidance in Section 3 - RV Length / Max Number of Solar Panels on the number of panels that can be installed for various RV lengths.

If less than the maximum number of panels will be installed, it is recommended to install a solar charge controller that will have sufficient capacity to handle the maximum number of panels so that a future upgrade to install more panels is relatively straightforward.

Add any additional notes relative to solar system installation here.

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