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2020 Airstream Globetrotter 27FB

The customer would be towing his Airstream with an SUV so wanted to reduce tongue weight of the trailer as much as possible. We removed the tongue mounted lead acid batteries and added lithium batteries and other equipment inside the Airstream which reduces tongue weight by about 100lbs.

A 200Ah Battle Born lithium battery was installed in one of the under bench storage areas with a cover to protect the terminals from contact. There is space to add 2-3 more if needed later.

The Multiplus 2000 inverter charger was installed in the closet in the middle of the trailer. Great care was taken to minimize space used in the closet and the installation is recessed into the closet rear pocket so that most of the torage space is still available. Various isolation switches, breakers and fuses were incorporated into the installation.

The customer also wanted a cellular router with booster to provide strong cellular signal while off grid. We fitted a low profile antenna on the top of one of the air conditioner cowls and routed the antenna wiring down into the trailer via the solar combiner box. The cellular router provides a WiFi network inside and around the trailer to provide Internet access of connected devices via cellular or local WiFi if available.

The solar system comprised 6 x 100W panels mounted using rocker feet so that the panels can be removed if needed for roof maintenance. A combiner junction box is provided and all panels are wired in parallel to ensure best performance in shady conditions.

Monitoring for this system is via a Cerbo GX and GX Touch screen which is connected to the internet for monitoring remotely via the cellular router and Victron's VRM Portal. The GX Touch provides comprehensive monitoring of the system in an easy to understand graphical interface.

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