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Coachmen Freelander 2014 28QB

A 400Ah / 25.6V Victron lithium battery was installed together with a 24V 3000 MultiPlus which ensures a robust system for high load inverter operation. 24V systems are generally slightly more efficient that equivalent 12V systems when running high loads.

Since the main battery is 24V and there are still 12V loads to power, a Battle Born 200Ah 12V lithium battery was also installed to power 12V loads and enable the generator to be started.

The 24V battery can be charged via shore power, generator or solar. The 12V battery is charged via the 24V battery using an Orion-Tr DC-DC 24V-12V charger which turns on when the 24V battery is sufficiently charged. The 12V battery is also charged via the alternator and a second Orion-Tr DC-DC 12V-12V charger when the engine is running.

A 1280W solar system was installed with 4 x 320W solar panels. Two strings of 2 panels in series were connected in parallel to a roof top combiner box and connected to the solar charge controller local to the batteries with 4AWG wire.

Monitoring for this system is via a Cerbo GX and GX Touch screen which can be connected to the internet for monitoring remotely via Victron's VRM Portal or used for local viewing and control if an internet connection is not available. The GX Touch provides comprehensive monitoring of the system in an easy to understand graphical interface.

The BMV-712 battery monitor (24V battery), Smart Shunt battery monitor (12V battery), lithium battery cell monitoring, solar charge controller and Orion DC-DC chargers are all Bluetooth enabled and can be monitored / controlled via VictronConnect.

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