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2004 Chevy Express Short Bus

Two Lifeline 6V AGM batteries were initially installed with a capacity of 220Ah with space to expand to four later. A 400W solar array was installed with a Victron Blue Solar 100 | 50 charge controller. A small Victron Phoenix pure sine wave inverter was also provided rated at 375VA which will run small electronic devices such as laptops, chargers etc. Boundless can also handle basic cabinet work and assembled the cabinet shown in the pictures for the customer to house the equipment which will be incorporated into a larger floor to ceiling cabinet by the owner later. A 20A shore power connection was also installed to enable battery charging when shore power is available.

The customer returned two months after the initial installation to add an alternator charging system, two more batteries and an additional 100W solar panel to complete a very cost effective system that is also very functional.

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