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2017 Winnebago Spirit 27Q

A 300Ah Battle Born lithium battery and Victron MultiPlus inverter charger provided the basis for a fully functional RV power system with 30A shore power and onboard generator.

The customer wanted the ability to camp without shore power or the need to run the generator for a few days including use of a small microwave. The stock lead acid batteries were removed and replaced with lithium batteries with a MultiPlus 3000VA inverter charger was integrated into the existing AC and DC systems. The MultiPlus 3000 is an ideal choice for this application with a continuous rating of 2400W at 77F it is capable of running even large AC powered devices and includes a 120A battery charger to charge the batteries off shore power or the generator.

Control and monitoring for the MultPlus is via a VE.Bus Smart Dongle. A BMV712 Smart battery monitor was also installed to provide comprehensive battery monitoring.

Charging of the house batteries is also possible when the engine is running using a DC to DC battery charger by Sterling that provides about 50A of battery charge when the engine is running. The customer is considering the addition of solar later.
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2017 Winnebago Spirit 27Q

The 5 x 200W solar panels were roof mounted. Each panel was wired to a combiner junction box in parallel for best performance in shade. Large 2AWG wire was used to transition from the combiner box to the solar charge controller installed local to the batteries.

The solar charge controller was mounted local to the batteries on a panel that provides protection for the wiring connections when the compartment is used.

The SmartSolar charge controller is also Bluetooth enabled so that daily performance can be monitored.

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