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2019 Fleetwood Discovery 38F

The existing batteries were retained with plans to change out later with an upgraded inverter charger.

The solar panels were roof mounted on custom aluminum feet that ensure secure mounting to the roof structure. A combiner junction box was fitted on the roof and all 5 panels were wired in parallel for best performance in shade.

Large 2AWG wire was used to transition from the combiner box to the solar charge controllers that are installed with a BMV 712 battery monitor in a storage compartment located in the middle of the RV. The compartment selected has room for the addition of lithium batteries and a Multiplus later. Two 150/85 SmartSolar charge controllers were fitted to handle the load from this large array.

Large gauge wiring was run from the compartment to the rear of the RV to the existing house batteries so that they can be charged. The shunt from the BMV 712 was installed local to the batteries to enable monitoring of battery state of charge etc.

The BMV712 Smart battery monitor and SmartSolar charge controller are both monitored on VictronConnect via Bluetooth.

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