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2020 Entegra Odyssey 24B

The equipment was installed in one of the storage compartments to the rear taking extra care to ensure as much storage space in the compartment remained available after installation as possible.

The 200Ah Battle Born battery was installed at high level to the left of the Multiplus behind a removable access panel with the MultiPlus mounted on the rear wall with a compact collection of switches and breakers.

A portable solar system was provided since the customer did not want to mount solar panels on the roof. 2 Renogy suitcase style solar panel were provided at 200W each for 400W total. We fitted SAE style solar quick connects on the side of the RV and connected them to a SmartSolar charge controller mounted with the MultiPlus. The customer can position the panels as needed local to the RV to make the most of even shady camping locations.

Control and monitoring for the MultiPlus is via a VE.Bus Smart Dongle. A BMV712 Smart battery monitor was also installed to provide comprehensive battery monitoring. The SmartSolar charge controller is also Bluetooth enabled so that daily performance can be monitored.

Charging of the house batteries is also possible when the engine is running. A Cyrix-Li-ct battery combiner was fitted under the hood to replace the factory combiner. This combiner ensures proper voltage settings for combination of starter and house batteries.

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