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2015 American Tradition 45ft

The 1200Ah Battle Born battery was installed in the existing battery compartment and was connected to the existing system wiring using bus bars on the positive and negative sides to ensure this large battery charges and discharges evenly.

The customer wanted the ability to run an air conditioner, residential fridge and microwave at the same time so we opted for a Victron Energy Quattro inverter charger rated at 5000VA.
The Quattro 12V 5000 is good choice for this application with a continuous rating of 4000W at 77F it is capable of running multiple larger AC powered devices at the same time. We also fitted a Smart Phase Selector (SPS) that enables both sides of the 50A load center to be powered off the inverter output which is a nice feature for those that will be off gridregularly and have a 50A service. The Quattro charges the batteries via shore power or generator.

Control and monitoring for the Quattro is via a VE.Bus Smart Dongle. A BMV712 Smart battery monitor was also installed and integrated into the existing drop down panel to provide comprehensive battery monitoring.

Charging of the house batteries is also possible when the engine is running. A Cyrix-Li-ct battery combiner was installed to ensure proper voltage settings for combination of starter and house batteries. The customer is considering the addition of solar later.

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